Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Joe Oliver and the Ghastly Cinderella Budget Show

Well let's put it this way, his PMO handlers did their best to turn it into a glamorous photo-op, but it wasn't exactly Cinderella slipping on her dainty glass slipper.

And it wasn't pretty.

It was just Ol' Joe Oliver, pulling on his new pair of Made in America, New Balance running shoes with Con blue laces. 

But as bizarre as that spectacle was, it did mark the beginning of Stephen Harper's final push for another bloody majority. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Betrayal of the Canadian Rangers

They are one of Stephen Harper's favourite photo-op props. The thin red line of Canadian Rangers who guard Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic.

He even likes to dress up as one of them...

But now that there is news that the Rangers may be in trouble. 

A "significant number" of Canadian Rangers in the Arctic have died in recent years, a trend that is causing concern about the strains on those tasked with being Canada's "eyes and ears" in the North, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

There is no comment from him or the Canadian military.

Stephen Harper and the Great War on Russia

As we all know Stephen Harper is no Great Warrior Leader, no matter what his faithful flunkies, and the voices in his head tell him.

And we'd be crazy to trust him with our safety, when he's the greatest threat we face.

But it seems tomorrow's long delayed budget, won't just be a crass attempt to buy votes, it will also be a Great War and Security Budget. 

Joe Oliver and the Con Plan to Kill Government

OK. I realize that Joe Oliver doesn't know what's he's doing. And that the budget he will finally deliver tomorrow was written in the PMO.

But you'd think the Cons would have stopped promoting his absurd balanced budget bill, which would punish cabinet ministers with a five percent wage freeze if they dared run a deficit.

After the NDP pointed out how much it would cost them and their Great Economist Buffoon Leader. 

But no, since they are shameless, they're promoting it harder than ever.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stephen Harper, Bill C-51 and the Virtual Prison

He must be so excited. In just a few more days his monstrous anti-terrorist bill C-51 will become law, Canada will become a police state.

And he can start going after all his enemies real or imagined. For by now in the final stages of his mental and moral degeneration, his paranoia knows no limit.

And his depraved desire to jail even more Canadians can barely be restrained. 

But if he thinks he is going to get away with it he is sadly mistaken, as tens of thousands of people all over Canada made clear again yesterday. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Slogan from Hell

Yesterday I wrote about how Stephen Harper is invoking a clause in the anti-terror act to try to prevent a court from revealing his family's secrets, in a case brought by a former RCMP officer.

And today the Judge in that case reserved her decision. 

But that's not the only secret Harper is trying to conceal. 

He also doesn't want us to know how the Cons came up with the slogan they are now bombarding us with: "Strong, Proud, Free."

Friday, April 17, 2015

Harper Confidential: The Secrets He Doesn't Want Canadians To know

As we know Stephen Harper is preparing to pass Bill C-51 so he can turn Canada into a police state and spy on us all.

Because he does want to dig up as many dirty secrets as possible, use them against his opponents. 

And finally achieve the state of Total Control the voices in his head have been demanding for so long. Because they don't call him Ol' Handcuffs for nothing eh?

But it seems that Great Ugly Leader doesn't like the idea of Canadians finding out his dirty secrets. So he's making that a terrorist offence.

Jason Kenney and the Tweet Monster

Oh no. Somebody do something. Jason Kenney is in trouble, again.

He's supposed to be terrorizing the Russians.

Canada will deploy approximately 200 troops to Ukraine to train local forces fighting Russian-backed separatists, the government announced Tuesday.

But instead he's terrorizing OUR side.

Because nobody at National Defence Headquarters knows what he's going to tweet next!!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Great Canadian Coalition

Ever since Stephen Harper came to power and Canada's long nightmare began, I have tried to remain strictly non-partisan and support all three progressive parties.

I have encouraged them to fight the tyrant as hard as they can, I have focused on the strengths of their leaders rather than their weaknesses.

Because all I seek is the total destruction of the Con regime. At this point in our history, for me, that's all that matters.

And in that regard, I'm afraid I have to say that I believe that Justin Trudeau has just made a bad mistake.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Harvesting of Religious Extremism

You had to see it to believe it. Stephen Harper welcoming the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Canada.

Then travelling on the plane with him to a massive rally in Toronto.

Even though Modi is a Hindu extremist, and has been accused of enabling mass murder.