Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Con Brexiteers and the Road to Ruin

Ever since Jason Kenney tweeted out his enthusiastic support for the Brexit referendum result, he has been widely ridiculed.

Especially since the Brexiteer's bubble burst.

European leaders have insisted they will set the terms of the EU’s split from Britain, rejecting suggestions by British Prime Minister David Cameron that informal discussions can take place.

The future is looking grim, and it's getting hard to tell who is more confused Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage.

Will the Brexit Referendum Lead to a Generational War?

As you know I was not happy with result of the so-called Brexit referendum

I thought it was a reckless move, that amounted to throwing out the baby, and the future, with the bath water.

I hate the way it has triggered an explosion of racism.

And I also hate the way it has driven a wedge between the young and the old in Britain.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nigel Farage and the Rise of the Anti-Brexit Resistance

Six years ago, while campaigning for his racist UKIP party, Nigel Farage narrowly escaped death when his small plane crashed in a field.

But although Farage survived, Britain may not be so lucky.

Because after UKIP's racist forces helped the LEAVE side win the Brexit referendum, it now looks a lot like that plane.

While Farage can't stop gloating as he did yesterday at the European Parliament.

Another Religious Fanatic Prepares to Run for Con Leader

As we all know the hideous religious fanatic Jason Kenney has been hinting strongly that he is about to leave Ottawa, and ride west to unite the right in Alberta.

No doubt believing that he will be given a hero's welcome, or be greeted like Jesus himself.

Which sadly for him appears to be more and more delusional.

But just the prospect that Kenney could leave, has another monstrous religious fanatic threatening to run for the leadership of the Harper Party.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boris Johnson and the Brexit Farce

Well it's now five days since Boris Johnson and his merry band of Brexiteers won their referendum to haul Britain out of the EU.

And now the situation couldn't be more disastrous. The pound is still sliding, the country has lost its triple-A credit rating. The stock market and the banks are reeling.

And the UK is in danger of falling apart, with both Scotland and Northern Ireland threatening to separate.

But don't tell the Con clown Boris Johnson that, because he wants people to believe that everything is under control.

Victor Jara: The Gentle Singer and the Fascists

Victor Jara was a well known Chilean folk singer who sang songs about poverty and injustice.

And for that when Augusto Pinochet and his fascists overthrew the government of Salvador Allende, he was one of their first victims.

And was tortured and murdered in a soccer stadium where the military were holding thousands of prisoners.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Can Scotland Really Stop Britain From Quitting the EU?

As Britain tries to recover from the shock of the Brexit referendum result. With its economy and its political scene in a turmoil.

And its racist bigots on a rampage.

I'm sure many of its REMAIN supporters were glad to hear Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, vow to try to block Britain from divorcing the European Union.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jason Kenney and the Brexit Racist Horror Show

As you may remember the ghastly uber right-wing Con Jason Kenney couldn't wait to trumpet his joy at the Brexit result.

Calling it a triumph of hope over fear, even though it was exactly the opposite.

As well as a triumph of bigotry over decency.

So now I'd like him to try to explain this monstrous horror show.

The Harper Legacy and the Canada Revenue Agency

As we all know Stephen Harper used the Canada Revenue Agency for his own foul purposes.

To try to intimidate his enemies, and harass environmentalists, and even humble birdwatchers.

But although Harper has left the building, it seems the CRA is still haunted by his foul legacy.

The Brexit Fiasco: Now Some Say They're Sorry

It's been barely two days since the Brexit referendum, and no doubt some LEAVE supporters are still celebrating their big victory.

But not all of them. Some of them it seems are now having sober second thoughts.

And what with the pound having fallen to a thirty-year low, the stock markets shuddering, and the country split down the middle, and in danger of falling apart.

Now some of them are saying they're sorry.