Monday, May 02, 2016

Why the RCMP Commissioner Still Doesn't Get It

It seems only appropriate that on the very day Mike Duffy returned to the Senate, the RCMP Commissioner should appear before a Senate committee and show once again why he still doesn't get it.

And that a time when the RCMP is being rocked by allegations of incompetence and sexual harassment.

He should defend the force.

Tony Clement and the Blinding of Canada

It's been five long years since the Cons gutted the census, and left us stumbling in the darkness, unable to determine who we really are, or what kind of country we're really living in.

But now the long-form census is back. 

And while I'm happy to see it back, it still bothers me to see that Tony Clement, the Con who presided over the blinding of this country, has still not been held properly accountable.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

One More Reason I'm Going to Miss Barack Obama

I realize that many progressives don't like Barack Obama, and like to claim he was worse than George Bush or Richard Nixon.

Like some progressives in this country like to claim that Justin Trudeau is worse than Stephen Harper.

But although he was not perfect, I have always admired the first black President. I believe that despite the foul racist attacks against him, he represented his people with dignity and class.

And boy was he funny.

Inside the Right Wing Conspiracy

     

The other day I told you that the ultra secretive right-wing Civitas Society was holding a conference in Ottawa this weekend.

And how I was sure that Stephen Harper would attend because it's the dank corner of the right-wing conspiracy where he feels most at home.

The place where he first revealed his sinister hidden agenda thirteen years ago.The place to where he returned after his election victory in 2006, to swagger around and party like there was no tomorrow.

Well now Paul Wells has got hold of Civitas' secret weekend program.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Will the Gay Marriage Issue Tear the Cons apart?

For almost ten years Stephen Harper never ceased to show his contempt for gay Canadians.

He voted against every gay rights bill that came before parliament. He cut off funding to all LGBT groups.

And he never changed the party platform that calls for same sex marriage to be banned.

But now with their convention only weeks away, that issue may be coming back to haunt the Cons.

John Ibbotson's Scary Journey Into Harper's Head

Ten days ago the Globe writer John Ibbotson was awarded the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, for his book Stephen Harper.

With the jury praising him for managing to "put us inside Harper’s head during some of the most critical moments of his life."

But although I've always been interested in meeting the voices in Harper's head, and asking them to explain themselves, I haven't read the book.

Not after I read Bob Rae's review, and what he had to say about Ibbotson, and what Ibbitson had to say about Harper.

Friday, April 29, 2016

When the Pentagon Claims that Bombing a Hospital is Not a War Crime

On the night of October 3, 2015 A U.S. AC-130 gunship attacked a hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz, run by the humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.

And despite frantic calls from MSF doctors kept up its attack for half an hour.

Forty two staff members and patients were killed, many of them burned to death in their beds.

But today the Pentagon released a report claiming that murderous assault was not a war crime. 

Stephen Harper and the Secret Society

Well no doubt Stephen Harper is waiting anxiously to see whether his lawyer's letter on the Duffy trial has convinced Canadians that he acted honourably.

And helped repair his soiled legacy.

But since we know he's doomed to disappointment.

I'd be fascinated to know what he might tell the members of his favourite secret society, when he pays them a visit this weekend.

Why Are We Still Building a Monument To Stephen Harper?

Well it's going to be a lot smaller than Stephen Harper had hoped.

And it won't be erected right in front of the Supreme Court, on the ground reserved for a new federal court building widely expected to be named after Pierre Trudeau.

So Harper could moon both of them for eternity.

But the man who brutalized this country for so long will be getting his monument. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Duffy Trial and Stephen Harper's Lawyer's Letter

When the judge at the Duffy trial delivered his verdict, and his scathing indictment of the Harper PMO, I couldn't help wondering what Stephen Harper must have been thinking.

And now we all know. He wasn't too happy. He must have been furious.

Or humiliated beyond recognition.

And had instructed his lawyer to write an open letter to Canadians.