Tuesday, October 06, 2015

How to Use Strategic Voting to Defeat the Bigot Cons

Stephen Harper and his Aussie attack monster Lynton Crosby must be delighted. 

Not only do they now have the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal to wave around as a shiny bauble to try to distract voters.

The niqab issue is back in the spotlight. 

The Federal Court of Appeal has denied the application for a stay of the Federal Court ruling in favour of Zunera Ishaq, clearing the way for her to wear a niqab during a citizenship ceremony.

So they can hope to keep riding it to victory.

The Day Stephen Harper Sold the Canadian Farm

Well it took him almost ten years, to destroy Canada as we once knew it. 

But I see Stephen Harper and his porky Cons have finally sold the farm.

A free-trade deal that opens a small part of the Canadian dairy market to cheaper foreign imports could spell the beginning of the end for the country’s dairy supply management system, and push inefficient farmers out of business, observers say.

And so much for our family farmers.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Why Progressives Urgently Need to Expose Stephen Harper's Lies

I think I can safely say that in all my life I have never seen a person lie so often and so blatantly as does Stephen Harper.

For years he claimed that the NDP had a "job killing carbon tax" even though they didn't.

He seems to have no shame. He can't help himself.

Now in his latest attack ads aimed at Justin Trudeau he is once again blatantly strangling the truth.

So I thought I would run both those ads, and see if you can spot the Big Lies...

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Night of the Raven

It was weird out there last night. A massive modern art show was going on all over the city, from dusk to dawn.

And in my neighbourhood there were all kinds of strange and disturbing sights. Like people writhing on the sidewalk, or a hall full of 30,000 black paper moths, which when you were there seemed to close in on you in a threatening manner.

But it was the raven figure on the wall that I found most chilling. For it made me think of Stephen Harper lurking in the darkness trying to figure out how to increase the climate of fear.

And then I saw this story. 

Stephen Harper's Criminally Irresponsible Reefer Madness

As we all know Stephen Harper has an unhealthy obsession with marijuana, handcuffs, and Justin Trudeau. Not necessarily in that order.

He has no respect for science, and has never seen a scientist he didn't want to muzzle.

But even by his low standards this is criminally irresponsible. 

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Enemies of Israel List

Well we've always known that Stephen Harper has a long list of enemies, real or imagined.

And we also know that he will do or say anything to pander to the right-wing Jewish vote.

But this combination couldn't be more disgusting. 

Stephen Harper and the Fascism of the Con Regime

On the night Stephen Harper won his monstrous majority, I ended my very short post by playing the song from the movie Cabaret, of the young Nazi in the beer garden singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me.

For which I was roundly criticized by some of the stuffy poobahs in the blogosphere. 

"Don't you know that's Godwin's law?" they screamed. "It's verboten !!! It's Harper Derangement Syndrome !!!!"

But now I feel I have been vindicated. Because this is fascism...

Friday, October 02, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Bigot Fires in Quebec

I warned long ago that if Stephen Harper was desperate enough he wouldn't hesitate to set this country on fire.

I knew that when the niqab court decision dropped into his lucky lap, Harper and his Australian hitman Lynton Crosby would use it as a massive wedge issue to try to poison this campaign, 

And that's exactly what has happened. It has become the niqab election, or the citizenship election.

Emotion has replaced reason. The fires of hatred are burning bright, and nowhere more than in Quebec.

Julian Fantino and the Horrible Ketchup Scandal

Oh no. Not more weird Con scandals. And not bloody Julian Fantino !!#@!!!

What with Stephen Harper whipping up bigotry to try to snatch another bleeding majority, I don't know if I can handle it eh?

This could be the story that finally drives me over the edge. And sends me tumbling into the moral abyss this country has become.

The story of Julie, the Ketchup, and the buttocks.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

How Lynton Crosby Brought Stephen Harper Back From the Dead

I must admit it is getting a bit grim out there. Fall has finally arrived, it's getting colder and darker, the skies over this ghastly Harperland are filled with flying monkeys.

Stephen Harper is a frenzy urging them on to destroy his enemies, with his poisonous wedge issues. 

And of course this is a living nightmare.

Less than two months ago they were fitting him out for his political coffin, he was being battered by the Duffy scandal and growing less popular with every passing day.

Now he's back, and gunning for another majority.