Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Day Justin Trudeau Struck Back At Andrew Scheer

For almost a year Andrew Scheer has gone after Justin Trudeau like a creature out of Hell.

He has attacked him day after day after day, as only a religious fanatic and alt-right sympathizer could.

He has made frothy Trudeau hate normal, he has corrupted the very soul of this country, and made us look and smell more like ugly America.

But through it all, through this storm of abuse, Trudeau has managed to keep his cool, and avoid attacking Scheer

Until yesterday.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Doug Ford: When Ignorance Kills

The thought of Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario fills me with horror and disgust, for there is no telling what that political ape might do to degrade our country, and compromise our future.

But the thing I fear the most is what he might do to the province's healthcare system. 

For although he is promising to create 30,000 long-term care beds, which would be great, he hasn't said how he would pay for them.

And judging by what he said yesterday, I'm afraid he could cannibalize the healthcare system and kill thousands of people.

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Day the Con Media Exposed Its Shameful Bias

When Doug Ford announced that his campaign bus would not be followed by another one carrying the media, there was a chorus of complaints.

But as I wrote the other day, Team Harper is running the Ford campaign.

And it seems that the situation is even worse than most had imagined.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Total Humiliation Of Mad Max Bernier

As you know Maxime Bernier likes to portray himself as the hero of the Mad Max movies.

Or at least the extreme libertarian version of that series.

Where the lonesome hero wanders through an apocalyptic landscape dodging Big Government agents who are always trying to tax Canadians to death, or control their minds.

But I see Bernier as the star of a completely different movie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Doug Ford and the Harper Gang

Well Doug Ford has his bus, he's on the road, and he's now channelling Donald Trump, as only an ape could.

And vowing to go after Kathleen Wynne as Trump went after Hillary Clinton. 

So don't be surprised if the mob he calls the "Ford Nation" starts chanting "lock her up, lock her up," at one of his bestial rallies.

But did you know that the ones who are giving him his Team Trump marching orders, are in many cases the former members of a another well known team.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why Andrew Scheer Is Looking So Desperate

Oh dear, poor Andrew Scheer has that desperate look on his face again. And no wonder, everything is going wrong.

Last night his "emergency pipeline debate" went nowhere, after all he could do was shout "Mr Trudeau build that pipeline!!!!"

Which seemed a bit ridiculous, considering the situation, especially since the Prime Minister is in Europe.

So most of the media didn't bother to cover it.

But if you thought that went badly, his attempt to use Trudeau's India visit to embarrass him, again, was even more of a fiasco.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Doug Ford's Bus and the Road To Ruin

I see that Doug Ford has unveiled his shiny new bus.

And a shiny new slogan: "For the People."

So he can ride in comfort all over Ontario, giving the people the thumb.

While giving the media the finger.

Because as you may know, he's not giving them a bus to follow him.

So it will be harder to ask Ford any embarrassing questions. 

Like do you know what you are doing Meat Loaf? 

Or are you making it up as you go along?

Or worse.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Donald Trump, James Comey, and the Great Distraction

It was quite a performance by Donald Trump, one that no doubt made millions of people wonder they would survive him. 

For first he went after the former FBI director James Comey, with an early morning tweet storm yesterday, that had to be seen to be believed.

After Comey in a new book made it clear what he thinks of Trump.

How Andrew Scheer Was Duped By An India Story. Again

Ever since Justin Trudeau's trip to India was made to look like a disaster by the shabby stooges in the Con media, Andrew Scheer has gone crazy with Indian fever.

He's still trying to make the India story sound like it's the biggest story in Canada. 

Even though it died of old age weeks ago...

But so desperate is Scheer to try to revive it, and get some of that poll boosting buzz back, he has been scouring every newspaper and supermarket tabloid in India hoping to find some evidence to use against the Prime Minister.

So you can imagine how horribly excited he must have been, when he thought he had caught Trudeau being humiliated by the Indian government.

Again !!#@!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Scheer Trumplings and the Social Media War

During the last election campaign I used to have fun portraying Stephen Harper under assault by our superior social media.

And that superiority helped us bring down the Harper regime, by exposing their lies, helping to get out the vote, and by humiliating Great Closet Leader over and over again.

I loved it, there's nothing I like more than seeing bullies deflated.

But of course the Cons hated it, and vowed that they would never allow that to happen again.

And that this time THEY would be the Lords of Social Media.