Friday, February 17, 2017

The Sad Fate of the Bigot Harper Party

This is how the Cons would like us to imagine them. As the kind of party that would send out a Valentine card like that one.

Inviting us to bee their friends.

But of course, the Cons and the truth don't go as well together as honey and peanut butter.

And this is who they really are.

The monstrous party whose supporters would bombard a Liberal MP with messages like these. 

Kill her and be down with it. I agree, she is here to kill us. She is sick and she needs to be deported.

Real Canadians will rise up and get rid of the nasty blank Muzzie stench in Ottawa. They should all go the blank back to your blank hole where you belong. We will burn down your mosques draper head Muslim.

You're a cultural Marxist. Inclusivity blank trying to ruin Canada. Blank you gently with a chainsaw, you camel-humping terrorist incubator blank. 

Shoot this blank.

Or the party of the Con's queen bee Rona Ambrose, who would object to a harmless motion denouncing Islamophobia...

Even though she voted for a similar motion last year. 

Conservative MPs may be tearing into the Liberals’ Motion 103 today, but last year they voted in favour of a very similar NDP motion that condemned “all forms of Islamophobia.”

The motion passed unanimously.

As only that ghastly hypocrite could...

And even though as the Con-friendly Terry Glavin writes, her party is rapidly approaching the point of no return. 

There are quite a few lessons in civic hygiene that might be drawn from the jamboree of bigot-baiting and mob incitement attending to the shabbily-drafted but otherwise sensible Liberal motion on the contested subject of “Islamophobia” that has preoccupied the House of Commons this week. 

Most obvious is that the Conservative Party of Canada has reached an event horizon of indecency. It is a point of no return from which a great many respectable people in the party’s rank and file, along with the Conservative MPs backing a substitute anti-bigotry motion of their own design, can flinch no longer.

Isolate, quarantine, amputate or purge.

But while I'm all in favour of amputation, and I'm willing to lend them a rusty chainsaw if they need one.

Glavin fails to recognize what should also be equally obvious:

The Cons reached the point of no return long ago, when Stephen Harper took the party and made it his own...

And that when Justin Trudeau warned about this:

Raising the spectre of proportional representation opening the door to “fringe” parties, Trudeau asked, rhetorically: “Do you think that Kellie Leitch should have her own party?”

What he really should have asked is this:

"Do you think that Ezra Levant should have his own party?

Because that is the real danger...

Yup. The stench of bigot is in the air.

The Cons thought they could escape Harper's monstrous legacy.

But as I so long predicted.

In the end it did destroy them...


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Finally someone else gets it.
    Since the Liberals first raised ER, I have been bringing up the spectre of MP Levant and Gunn Reid. In fact, when Harper made his comeback to seize the Reform-Alliance, Levant had already secured the nomination in Calgary and was asked to step aside.

    1. Anonymous5:30 PM

      Trudeau wanted to implement was a simple ranked ballot voting system where people could vote for the candidate of their choice ( with second and third options) without the fear that vote splitting would allow the exact polar opposite of their preference to gain power. I just don't understand why minority parties promoting envionmental stewardship or social justice saw this as a bad thing. It would have strengthened their numbers by allowing people to vote for them without trying to second guess whether or not they were opening the door to a Retro-Con victory propelling us back into the swamp.

    2. Anonymous1:20 AM

      Anon 711 comment was interesting. I agree with you if the per vote subsidy was restored for the first run off. We had our liberal MP at our door insisting that any vote other than for her was a vote for the conservatives (she's a Cambell "liberal")even though she had zero chances of losing.

    3. hi anon 7:11...I believe the argument over electoral reform needs be revised and updated. While I once believed that PR was a step in the right direction, now I think that a ranked ballot may be a better option in a country like ours and at a time when the extreme right-wing is more than a threat than ever. I also note than when Leitch was asked whether she might form her own party if she lost the Con nomination, she refused to answer that question...

    4. hi RT...I agree with you. A ranked ballot would have favoured the parties I support, the Liberals and the NDP, whatever the Dippers say. And I've come to believe that in the times we live in, choosing proportional representation, even with a five percent barrier, would be playing with fire...

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    The authorities better be monitoring, identifying and charging these cowardly scumbags who think they're immune to prosecution. That is not free speech. They are threats that need to be dealt with to the full extent of the law.
    Ezra Levant and his hate promoting site need to be shut down permanently before one of his low life followers goes on another hate fuelled rampage.
    The bitter irony here Simon is that the mosque killings were carried out by one of Ezra's followers, a sick mind being nurtured by an equally sick mind. In spite of that, and as deserving as this would be, we don't see anyone barging in on Rebel media and unloading on Ezra until he's a bloodied chunk of Swiss cheese. We're to civilized for that. I'd much rather see him rotting in a courtroom or jail cell for the rest of his pathetic life.

    1. hi JD... as you know I have long been worried about the escalation of hatred in this country, I think our hate laws are inadequate, and I believe the police should do more to crack down on those making violent threats aimed at any politicians on any part of the political spectrum. I absolutely despise people like Levant who make money by peddling hatred, and I will never stop reminding people that if Levant lived in Britain he would have been charged, fined, and even jailed long ago. I also agree with you that it's outrageous that so soon after that horrible shooting, Levant and his gang are challenging a simple motion to condemn Islamophobia, when his filthy rag is doing so much to promote it....

  3. Simon serious question. Islam want you dead, if you lived even in a moderate Islamic county like Malaysia you would be hanged. So why are you not as hard on Islam as the Tories?

    1. hi Steve... first of all I don't live in Malaysia I live in Canada. Secondly, in the United States, Britain, Russia, many parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean anti-LGBT hatred is promoted by Christian churches. Many Hindus are also anti-gay bigots, and in the Middle East some of the most murderous hatred aimed at gay people comes from Orthodox Jews. So am I supposed to hate all Christians, Jews, Hindus, as well as all Muslims? I don't think so. I judge people on the way they behave, not on what they believe. And although I'm an atheist ,I know that there are good religious people of all faiths. I believe in the arc of justice, and I would never lower myself to become a bigot of any kind. And what I see the Cons becoming in this country, is something I will NEVER accept and will fight to the bitter end, to preserve the tolerant Canada I know and love...

  4. Anonymous4:58 PM

    The only real friends the Cons have are those that can thrive in a deregulated toxic environment where greed, crony capitalism and the dollar is king. As has been shown bees along with many other creatures do not thrive so well under those conditions.

    1. hi RT...I must admit I am disappointed at the way the extreme right has flared up again like a cancer that I believed had been conquered or at least in remission, only to see it return with a vengeance. But as I've said before, I do believe that all of that will only serve to unite progressives, wake them up, and motivate them to fight the fascists harder than ever. It's the least we can do to honour the memory of all those who sacrificed their lives to defeat them in the past...

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Ezra, Chris & Kelly at work

    1. hi anon...thanks for that video. It's good to be able to take a close look at Ezra's filthy flock. What a grotesque spectacle. And that so soon after a cowardly white supremacist slaughtered six innocent Muslims, and wounded eight others. It beggars belief, and couldn't be more disgusting. And needless to say the sign of the bigoted Mel Gibson, posing as Scotland's hero William Wallace aka Braveheart, was almost more than I could bear. But as so many others have said, now we've seen the enemy, let's do what we must to defeat them...

  6. Replies
    1. hi anon...I don't think it is. I searched in vain in the MSM to try to figure out from what ratty hole they emerged. But I think they're just a small group of wackos from goodness knows where. But even if they aren't directly affiliated with Levant and his hate mongering gang, they are of the same ilk, and are being encouraged by him, Cons like Leitch and Alexander, and of course the Great Orange Oaf....

  7. Anonymous3:28 AM

    I find it hard to respond to the far right without reaching middle earth. I appreciate your posts and comments from your readers on this ugly topic.

    I hope that Muslims living in Canada (born here, immigrated, or arrived as refugees) know that this intolerance comes from an ugly minority. I am quite ashamed that these intolerant beings carry Canadian passports.

    Time to look at cat GIFs.


    1. hi I mentioned above, I can't believe that the bigot Trump is extending his tiny tentacles into this country. I thought we had buried that shite when we buried the Harper Cons. But that's OK, it just means we'll have to fight them a little harder for a little longer. For you can be sure we will defeat them, and we will never let them steal our country and our precious values again...