Friday, May 26, 2017

Nigel Wright and the Con Scandal That Won't Die

The timing couldn't have been more embarrassing for the Cons. 

On Saturday they will choose a new leader, and Rona Ambrose is still desperately trying to whip up interest in the event...

As well as trying to make Canadians believe that the Cons have changed, and are now the New/Nouveau Conservative Party.

When along comes a blast from the past, to remind us who they really are...

Still the same old creepy party of Stephen Harper and Nigel Wright. 

Former prime minister Stephen Harper's one-time chief of staff was never prosecuted for his role in Mike Duffy's Senate expenses fiasco, but now Nigel Wright is getting a belated slap on the wrist from the federal ethics watchdog. 

In a long-awaited report released Thursday, ethics commissioner Mary Dawson says Wright broke two sections of the Conflict of Interest Act when he personally gave Duffy $90,000 to repay the Senate for questionable living expense claims.

The Con gang who tried to cover-up a scandal, only to end up trying to cover-up a cover-up. 

But still got off scot-free...

Leaving us to wonder, among other things, how Mike Duffy could have been charged for accepting a bribe, when Wright who offered it, wasn't.

Or what was the RCMP thinking?

The RCMP has faced some criticism for failing to charge Wright under the Parliament of Canada Act, which some parliamentary law experts believed would have been more likely to secure a conviction. A never-used provision of the act stipulates that it's an indictable offence to offer compensation to a sitting senator in regard to "any claim, controversy, arrest or other matter before the Senate."

In her report, Dawson notes that Wright's payment to Duffy "was serious enough" to prompt the RCMP to at least consider laying charges under the Parliament of Canada Act. 

"Although the issue of illegality was not pursued, I would consider such an act to be undoubtedly improper," she says.

How could they botch such an apparently open and shut case?

But sadly this is Canada, where there is one law for the rich and the powerful and another for the rest of us. So we'll probably never know the truth.

Or what Stephen Harper meant when he told Wright, his favourite religious fanatic, the plan to keep Duffy quiet was "good to go."

And of course now they say it's too late to do anything about it. And that we should just let sleeping scandals lie.

And let poor old Mike Duffy enjoy his very small victory...

But although it didn't go anywhere, it's a Con scandal that won't die.

We'll make sure of that.

And what we can do is remind Canadians that one of these losers is going to become the leader of the "New/Nouveau Conservative Party..."

And that the same party that brought us the Senategate scandal, still doesn't know which candidate or which campaign was responsible for this other sordid scam. 

The federal Conservative party has removed 1,351 people from its membership rolls following a review sparked by leadership hopeful Kevin O’Leary’s accusation that one of his rivals has been engaging in widespread fraud and vote-rigging.

The party couldn’t determine which leadership campaign or campaigns were behind the scheme as the memberships were purchased anonymously through the party’s website.

So we have to assume that it could be any of them, and treat them accordingly. 

Let's attack the new leader the moment the shabby contest is decided.

And make sure that whoever is chosen.

Shares the same fate as the old one....


  1. I'm "Good to Go" and will be watching !

    1. hi I said in my post I don't expect justice. But this scandal ca be used to taint the Cons, so I will do my best to make sure it isn't forgotten....

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    The RCMP has always shown itself willing to do the Cons' bidding. From commissioner Zaccardell throwing the 2006 election to Harper, to the RCMP's failure to get to the bottom of the Robocall scandal, to the RCMP's charging only Mike Duffy, the Mounties are in the tank with the Cons. It was obvious that charging an underboss like Nigel Wright would have led to him squealing on the capo di tutt'i capi Stephen Harper. The RCMP's failure to follow the evidence where is led and charge accordingly is the real scandal here.

    1. hi anon....sadly I am forced to agree with everything you said. I happen to know that some ordinary investigators did their best to build a case. But the RCMP high command was too chicken or too corrupt to push that investigation forward, and for the reason you mention. If they had pushed the case it would have led straight to Stephen Harper....

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I couldn't agree more Anon 8:30. Harper may have slithered out of that one except that those that matter will never forget that his legacy will be one of taint and corruption, and a dismal failure as PM.

  4. The scandal is the rcmp, simon, and it runs deep. Same with RMC....and the sisters and brothers who are dying on coldcementfloors of coldcementdetention/county buckets. Another one in Windsor, a young lady. Remember Ashley?
    The substance-ill need a hospital room. Put a guard at the end of the hall and bars on their windows- if they must, get them well, then deal with the crime. Restorative justice, but no more dying on the floor from withdrawls. And no more 'down below' if it's the last thing I do. What a disgrace. Germany has a far more humane way of treating these ill souls who need med/attn.
    F*ck their 'ranges' CSC.

    1. hi liberalandlovingit....I keep hoping that the RCMP will turn a corner and become the Canadian institution it should be. But although I know many good officers the problem is the militaristic/colonial structure that fails to prepare many for the challenges ahead. I'm hoping that Paulson's departure will lead to some real changes....

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Paulson was a career bureaucrat and certainly no Comey. To a large extent the system tends to weed out 'non conformists' before they reach the top positions. Based on the striking difference between Paulson and Comey I questioned if the Canadian system produced weaker public sector leaders. Fortunately this is not the case, the Harper era produced a long list of officials who put their jobs on the line and lost them in the fight against injustice. The following is linked to a short summary, we should remember them and be thankful.

    1. hi RT...good for you for reminding us that many officials did put their jobs on the line during the dark years of the Harper regime. It frustrates me that so many Canadians seem to have such short memories. But for me the Harper years were an absolute nightmare, and I will never forget them...

  6. Anonymous11:34 PM

    They will pick Mad Max and we must remind Canadians everyday of his insane plan to privatize health care, cut the budget by 20%, and put troops at the border. We must also remind them he does all this while denying climate change.

    1. hi anon....I still can't quite believe that Bernier could be the next leader of the Cons. But believe me I'm hoping he will win, for he won't last long, and by the time he is finished there won't be much left of the Cons. Ring the church bell, and let the Hunger Games begin.... ;)

    2. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Simon, Bernier is a horrible choice but we must never get complacent. The media will try to normalize him and tell us our health care system is bad, only privatization can save it. Meanwhile they will also hump the leg of the vapid and empty Jagmeet Singh to try to get enough votes to get a split. I do not believe Canadians are dumb enough to fall for it, but it is not outside the realm of possibilities. We must never lose our health care.

  7. Simon, I cannot be more clear than this- the whole structure from top to bottom is corrupted so bad it's completely dysfunctional. Period. The gender that causes most of the g-d'd problems can't even work in an acceptable manner with their female, and or, what they perceive to be weakness, 'cause it's good, kind, and honest--collegues. How long do the good ones last, ffs?? Ever see Prince Of The City?
    I don't care how many warm & fuzzy pics they flash with some guy smiling. That doesn't prove a g-d'd thing. Don't be fooled by that troll shit. Read the stats...ffs. I lived it for years- down K-Town way. It needs to burn. And it will.