Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Insane Attempt To Try To Change His Image

Not long ago I warned that Andrew Scheer's shadowy inner circle of religious fanatics, the group known as The Conclave, was in a full blown panic, or a friggin' frenzy.

Their attempt to destroy Justin Trudeau had failed, and worse, had left Schmear looking like Mr Ugly.

So the time had come to try to make him look like Mr Nice Guy, or a nicer guy than Trudeau.

Which I thought was ridiculous. 

I mean who would you rather get stuck in an elevator with? Justin or Schmeagol?

But if that was ridiculous, this is INSANE.

Now Scheer is claiming that him and his Cons are more tolerant than the Liberals.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer still won't march in Pride parades but says his party is more tolerant of differing views than Justin Trudeau's Liberals.

Which is where his charm offensive becomes just plain offensive, the delusions of a religious fanatic trapped in his cloistered universe.

Or the act of a man driven crazy by desperation... 

For his decision to use the example of the SoCon Rachael Harder, seen here staring at the opposition over Scheer's right shoulder with less than love in her fanatic eyes, was the wrong example to use.

The Conservative leader defended his decision last fall to appoint Conservative MP Rachael Harder, who has not previously supported legalized abortions, as chair of the status of women committee – a bid that was ultimately blocked by the Liberals and NDP. 

 "The Liberals showed how intolerant they are, and how they don't actually believe in people's rights to hold personal beliefs," said Mr. Scheer, a 38-year-old father of five.

For it only reinforces how much of a religious fanatic he really is. 

A man who would appoint a woman who doesn't believe that women should control their own bodies, to be chair of the status of women committee...

And then to make matters worse, when his absurd choice was rejected, would try to make Harder a martyr...

No doubt to her great delight.

Or on a less lofty level, send out a scary subliminal message to Canadian women...

And since we've seen that movie and this movie before...

I don't think Scheer could ever be trusted not to try to make it harder for women to get a safe abortion in this country.

Sooner or later he would surrender to the Con's rabid base, the one that handed him his leadership win, or bask in the glow of his equally fanatical sponsors.

He and other top Conservatives are set to speak at February's Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa, a major event hosted by the Calgary-based conservative Manning Centre think tank. One of this year's sponsors is the "We Need a Law" organization, which advocates for abortion legislation to protect "pre-born humans."

And as for his claims that he is not an anti-gay bigot, that's almost obscene, or just one more Big Lie.

When no amount of lipstick can hide his monstrous record...

And it has little to do with him not attending a gay pride parade, even though that shows how much he hates LGBT people.

And everything to do with things like voting against a study on hate crime in Canada.

Even though hate crime is out of control.

Police-reported hate crimes in Canada rose in 2016 for the third year in a row, and became much more violent, according to new data from Canada's national statistical agency.

And gay Canadians are its bloodiest victims...

The most violent hate crimes targeted sexual orientation. There were 176 police-reported hate crimes against sexual orientation in 2016, an increase of 35 from 2015, spread across the country from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. 

Almost three-quarters of hate crimes motivated by hatred of the victim's sexual orientation were violent, police data show, compared to 45 per cent targeting ethnicity and 27 per cent targeting religion.

And how does that grim religious fanatic dare call himself more tolerant than Justin Trudeau?

When he has spent so much time cuddling up to Ezra Levant, one of the worst hate mongers in Canada...

And has just hired Levant's Rebel accomplice, Hamish Marshall, to be the Con's campaign manager.

While Justin Trudeau is known for his support for women and LGBT people all over the world...

And is a much better and more tolerant person than Scheer could ever hope to be.

Which is why Schmeagol is trying so hard to intimidate his critics.

Mr. Scheer called the Liberals' attempts to paint him as a social conservative extremist who would scale back women's rights "fear mongering and character assassination."

And why it's so important that we don't allow him to get away with posing as Mr Nice Guy.

And let everyone in Canada hear this message loud and clear:

Andrew Scheer is a religious fanatic, a misogynist, and a homophobe who does not respect the humanity of millions and millions of Canadians.

He is unfit to be Prime Minister and always will be.

And try as you might, you can't put lipstick on a Con bigot... 


  1. Like the French say, c'est le monde à l'envers!

    1. Hi is indeed an upside down world, or Bizarro World. I can't tell whether Scheer is lying, again, or whether he really believes what he's saying. But either way it's deeply disturbing and makes it only too clear that he is unfit to be a dog catcher let alone a Prime Minister....

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    "Or on a less lofty level, send out a scary subliminal message to Canadian women..."

    How is having 5 kids scary?

    1. Jackie Blue1:54 PM

      It teaches them that they are valued for their fecundity and little more. Are you not familiar with the nursery rhyme that Simon so cleverly depicted in that illustration? "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; she had so many children, she didn't know what to do"? Or The Handmaid's Tale?

      It's called subtext and nuance, something that you clearly seem to be incapable of perceiving. Scheer is an absolute menace to a modern and progressive society like Canada that protects the rights of women and minorities and wants nothing to do with the regressive, backwards theocratic lunacy that has gripped its southern neighbor.

      At a time when women's rights are under unprecedented threat by the Christian ayatollahs in the USA it is a breath of fresh air to know that Canada has an unapologetic feminist as their leader. But it's not just Trudeau who represents what the future should be, rather than what it could become if people like Scheer or Trump are allowed to run roughshod over the human rights of women and minorities. Margaret Atwood is another example of someone who is being recognized more and more, believe me.

    2. It can be financially, as well as emotionally, draining- especially on those people less able to cope with parenthood due to religious beliefs, age, social status or location.

    3. Hi anon 10:37 am...there's nothing scary about having five kids, or ten if you want them. What is scary is having a child you don't want, especially if you're poor or very young. That's why I believe that every woman should have control over her own body...

    4. Hi Jackie...I rather liked my graphic of Scheer as the Mother Goose old lady who lived in a shoes, but I wondered afterwards if people would get the reference. I had a very traditional upbringing back in the days when there was no internet, and our house was full of books with bright illustrations that helped me love reading books from an early age. But yes, Scheer is more of a Trumpkin every day, and there have been some horrible stories about immigrant teenagers been told they can't have an abortion by some Republican Christianists. Trump's misogyny and his catering to the very un-Christian evangelicals is one of the most disgusting aspects of his deranged and depraved regime. And yes, Margaret Atwood's new version of the Hand Maid's Tale is I understand very popular, and couldn't have come along at a better time..,.

    5. Hi Filcher...thanks for clarifying matters for anon @10:37. I thought the point I was trying to make was obvious, but these days nothing it simple it seems. One of the things that infuriated me the most was the way the Harper regime added a clause to their aid for women in developing countries forbidding abortions. Even though poor women can end up in the hands of quacks and die, and a single unwanted child can leave a poor family hungry and desperate....

  3. Anonymous11:01 AM

    "And everything to do with things like voting against a study on hate crime in Canada."

    Of course he would vote against it Simon when he and his ilk are the fomenters who dance along the margins with their insinuations and innuendoes that compel their deplorable base to act out their cowardly deeds. Even worse is when they are called on it and they sickeningly sit back and go "what, who me? Sheesh!"
    Just as Harper did, they are the ones who sow these seeds of hatred and division while the pathetic Con media are either to stupid to see it or choose to ignore it.
    So Schmeagol definately needs to change his image to one more fitting, with two horns and a pitchfork for his actions are the epitome of the anti-christ and not what he tries to lead us to believe.

    1. Hi takes a very awful person in my view to vote against anything that can reduce the amount of hatred in our society. Especially since thanks to The Cons ,the Rebel bigots, and the influence of Trump hatred aimed at minority groups has become a huge problem. I am targeted all the time by disgusting homophobes, but while after more than ten years in the blogosphere it doesn't bother me in the least, and I actually enjoy deleting their comments, that kind of hate can have a very deleterious effect on more vulnerable people, and we definitely need to strengthen our hate laws so we can put the hate mongers behind bars, or hit them with large fines. For if we don't they will poison our society like they have in the U.S., and I'm not prepared to sit back and watch that happen. If Schmeagol is trying to intimidate people like me he's wasting his time...

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Just for making such an outrageous statement Scheer shows that he is a liar and cannot be taken seriously. Does he think, like Trump does, that the more he repeats a lie the more it resembles the truth? God help him if he does, but we certainly don't need another Trump n this country.

    1. Hi anon 11:04 am...I completely agree with you. I found it outrageous that Globe article allowed to get away with such nonsense, and didn't point out that Scheer's apology unlike Trudeau's was totally insincere. With no mention of the word "sorry" and with any tape of that apology having disappeared or been disappeared. The man is a freak and a bigot and unfit to be Prime Minister...

  5. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Happy New Year Simon. Hey could you do a story about that weirdo Joshua Boyle?

    I think he was trying to join a terrorist group. Why else would he bring his pregnant wife there? And I don't buy the bit about them forcing her to have an abortion either.

    1. Hi anon 11:13 am...thanks and Happy New Year to you. To be honest I don't know what I could say about Joshua Boyle. I found his story suspicious, since no rational person would take his pregnant wife to a place like Afghanistan, but I was prepared to chalk it up to good old human stupidity. Now I don't know what to think except that he seems to have been charged with the same offences he accused the Taliban of committing. I don't discriminate against violent religious fanatics of any stripe, I despise them all...

  6. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Happy New Year Simon. Your pictures are always amazing, but that image of Andrew Scheer as Old Mother Hubbard made me spew my coffee right across the room. It's hilarious but like most of your illustrations it makes a serious point. I've been following you for years and you've never let me down. XXX Mary from Halifax

    1. Hi Mary.....thank you, for your kind words and Happy New Year to you too!! I'm glad you liked that graphic, I must admit I did too. 😀 However, you are mixing up your nursery rhymes, that's not old Mother Hubbard. She's the one who went to a cupboard to get her poor dog a bone, but when she came there the cupboard was bare, and so the poor dog had none. Scheer is the old lady who lived in a shoe, and had to many children she didn't know what to do. Both are great nursery rhymes, and I wonder whether the children of today enjoy them as much as I did...

  7. Jackie Blue2:14 PM

    Scheer's association with the alt-right is frightening, and the Canadian cons are a hate group just like the GOP. Not only does he want to take Canada back to the 1950s and restore the anachronistic system of paterfamilias as default head of household and autocratic authority figure, but there is an additional racial subtext that the alt-right is putting forth in their opposition to women's reproductive rights. Rebel Media sent their Maplejügend "reporters" (Faith Goldy in particular) to that Charlottesville race riot this past summer where the tiki bros were all shouting "Jews will not replace us." Well, one of the things that they are calling for in their platform is the repeal of reproductive-rights legislation, so that women will be forced to bear as many children for their deplorable husbands as necessary to bring the Caucasian population above "replacement levels." It's the same old blood-and-soil demographic-nationalism ideology that led to Hitler's atrocities in Europe. Harper used the dog-whistle "old-stock Canadians." But it is fascism, pure and simple, by any other name.

    Simon, I'm not sure if you saw this, but on Right Wing Watch (a blog that monitors the worst examples of wingnut lunacy), there is an article about Faith Goldy (now on her own YouTube channel) recently having recited the infamous "14 words" pledge calling for an all-white ethnostate. The pledge was written by a notorious American neo-Nazi: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." By advancing the anti-choice agenda, bringing people like Harder and Lloyd into his circle, and affixing himself to Rebel Media, Andrew Scheer is signaling exactly that. He just hasn't said the words verbatim yet.

    1. Hi Jackie...I am always trying to convince people that Scheer is a real right-wing extremist and religious fanatic, but this being Canada I get the impression that many are sceptical, believing that something or someone like that couldn't happen here. Great eh? If the Con media did their job Scheer would be quickly exposed, but they would rather give him a full body massage, so we will have to. As for Faith Goldy, thank you for that link. I have always despised Goldy, her material was always accompanied by Crusader slogans, and other sludge from the bowels of the racist right. So I'm glad she is ending up in the lowlife company she deserves. I also have noticed that even Cons like Candice Bergen are starting to use Trumpkin words, so the poison is spreading, and hopefully as Trump goes down, our Cons will go down with him...

  8. yvonne4tn4:33 PM

    I truly hope (but am not yet convinced) that it is only his base that will believe his lies. We ALL, just like Simon does, have to show Canadians what Scheer and his ilk are about.

  9. Hi Yvonne...I hope you're right, and Scheer is only feeling his rabid base. But if the Con media keeps trying to soften his image I fear some Canadians could be fooled into thinking he is not a deadly threat to our democracy. But that's where our social media comes in. Scheer and Hamish Marshall will no doubt try to spread confusion with multiple sites and Twitter bots, but if we can expose them and quickly correct the record, hopefully they will get nowhere...

  10. Anonymous5:57 PM

    As individuals the Cons enjoy the same rights and freedoms as all Canadians. Only a Con leader would try and portray a government dedicated to protecting those rights and freedoms as intolerant. But then again when there is nothing to offer why not create as much confusion as possible,package it up in short video clips and bogus news articles only to swamp social media and other mirrored sources when the time is right. Its hard not to detest a man that views himself as a God fearing Christian yet justifies surrounding himself with soulless pissers that delight in manipulating the stupid crowd in order to feed their superiority complex as well as profit from the venture.

  11. Simon,
    Allow me to chime in as a member of the CPC.
    Andrew Scheer was not my first choice for leader (it was Michael Chong followed by ‘Mad Max’ Bernier), with that said I don’t think portraying him as a hard-core so-con is going to have an impact. ‘Bland’ and ‘boring’ are the two words that come to my mind when I think of AS. Sure, he made statements against same-sex marriage 12 years ago, but people change their mind. After all, PMJT is on record supporting Quebec separation some time before becoming leader of the LPC, and he is PM now.

    The main issue with the CPC is not so much the leader but the party itself. At this time, the party is bereft of ideas. All they have left is attacking the government on everything and nothing. We need to go back to the drawing board. First thing would be to ponder, what exactly do we want to conserve?

    What caused this exhaustion is that until 2015, and except perhaps for the brief Paul Martin interregnum, Canada has been governed by small-c conservative governments since 1984. And of those, the Chretien government was perhaps the most conservative of them all. Policies such as tax cuts, balanced budgets at all costs, tough on crime, deregulation and the like have been done to death, with very debatable results to say the least. Offering more tax cuts is so 1998! At the same time, the staying power of those ideas with the political class is remarkable, as the first thing the Trudeau Liberals did is implementing an income tax cut that nobody really asked for or needed.

    The CPC was also not helped, paradoxically, by doing fairly well in 2015, basically getting the same number of votes as in 2011, and within 7% of the Liberals. This lulled the party establishment into thinking this was a marketing failure and a rejection of PMSH, instead of a rejection of the whole party. A sane response would be to move the party platform back to the centre, but instead the party seems to lurch even farther to the right, and from there flirting with alt-right is the next logical step.

    Unless the party changes its direction, it will be clobbered in 2019. Either way, Andrew Scheer will be not be leader by then.

    With that Simon, best wishes for a Happy New Year.

    1. hi BW....first let me say what a pleasure it is to receive a well thought out and decent comment from a CPC supporter, instead of the vile abuse and threats of violence I receive on a regular basis.
      I have to agree to disagree with you on Scheer's social conservative views, because I think he is far more of a fanatic than even some conservative supporters believe.
      You need to take a close look at the people he is moving into position around him, and you'll see what I mean.
      But as for your other points, I agree with you absolutely. The Conservatives are bereft of ideas, and all they seem to want to do is attack, and practice the politics of personal destruction.
      It was that, and my hatred of bullies of all stripes, that motivated me to start blogging, and attack them as they attacked others. Just like I used to attack bullies who were bullying gentler kids in high school.
      It was as simple as that, and if the CPC adjusted it's behaviour in line with the way the party used to act, I would happily retire from blogging, and spend my spare time on things like writing poems and painting.
      But I can't change the Cons of today, so I'm counting on people like you to liberate me ;)
      And with that, Happy New Year to you and yours !!!

  12. I daily come close to losing my stuff looking at the National Post on line.
    For example today the huge headline is how wearing a funky last supper sweatshirt is going to have a huge backlash. These people are out of their minds.

  13. hi Steve...I saw that, and I can't believe it either. The irony is that the Post has some of the most interesting articles in our media, but it's ghastly political position pushed from above, ruins it all and keeps me as far away as possible...